Top 10 Best Chimney Brands in India – A detailed review

Every day I see my mother in the kitchen where she enjoys it as if she is taking a walk in a park. She always says that the kitchen is the heart of our house. And it’s true too. Because this is the room where delicious food is prepared for our families.

We meet our loved ones over a cup of tea and make memories that last a lifetime. However, even cooking in the kitchen is challenging if you do not choose kitchen products wisely. Things get more serious when it comes to dealing with smoke and oil fumes.

And to deal with this, electric chimneys have been launched in the market. These are introduced to keep the kitchen smoke-free, odor free, and hygienic. And selecting the right Best Chimney Brands makes things easier going for the long term.

Why do we need the best Kitchen Chimney Brand for our Kitchen?

It is important to buy a high-quality chimney that can efficiently deal with the smoke that is produced while cooking. And we Indians focus more on this because cooking is a daily ritual where all our family members meet in the kitchen twice a day.

Because there are so many different brands currently available, it can be difficult to select the most suitable one. And for this reason, we have published this article.

We have listed some of the leading and Best Chimney brands in India. We have tried our best to provide you with all the information that you need to select the best chimney for your cooking space.

Before starting the topic of best kitchen chimney brands, let’s know one thing

best kitchen chimney brands in India

Before starting let me tell you what value you will get from this blog post. We will discuss what to look for in a good chimney and introduce you to the most popular brands sold in India.

We will also compare all those brands based on how well they pull in air, what kind of filter they have, how loud they are, their size and design, and more.

I assure you that by reading this post, you can definitely select the best chimney brand available in India. Well then, let’s get this discussion started!

Selecting the Right Chimney: Factors to Consider

Whenever you decide to buy a, It’s very important to make a well-informed decision. Personally, I know how much concerned my mom is about the safety part in the kitchen. And most Indians generally avoid the safety part.

You must choose the right kitchen chimney brand as it will affect your level of safety and comfort while you cook. I will shortly tell you about some of the important factors that you need to consider while buying a kitchen chimney.

When we bought the chimney the first thing we looked for is the suction power of the chimney. The chimney’s suction power is how much air it can pull out of the kitchen. This is important to get rid of smoke, steam, and other burning materials like grease in the air. If the chimney has greater suction power, the more effectively it will remove irritating kitchen odors.

The next thing you can consider is the type of filter used in the chimney. Mesh filters and charcoal filters are the two most common types of filters. Charcoal filters are formed of activated carbon and help eliminate odors from the air, while mesh filters are built of fine mesh that collects oil and other particles. Your particular cooking habits and the sort of food you prepare will help you to decide the filter you need to use.

Selecting the Right Chimney: Factors to Consider

Just imagine you have decided to relax and enjoy yourself after reaching home. And after reaching home you heard the sound of strong wind blowing coming from the kitchen. Can you imagine how annoying it would be to be sore at the end of a hard day? That’s why you should select a kitchen chimney that produces a decent noise level that can be accepted

The next factor you can consider is the chimney’s size and design. Your kitchen’s layout and the size of your range or cooktop will determine the optimal dimensions, while your own sense of style and taste will decide on the best design. Spend some time picking out a chimney style that you like to make sure it blends in with the rest of your kitchen’s decor.

And the most important factor that should be included at the top is the price range of the brand. You should first plan your budget in advance and then choose the brand that provides the right kitchen chimney that fits your budget and also provides all the features of an expensive brand. It is like comparing iPhone with an Android phone, although iPhones are costlier but Android phones offer more features than iPhone.

Anyways Now let’s come to the main topic which is “Best Kitchen chimney brands in India.

We visited our nearest home appliance stores and asked them several questions. Some questions like information about the product, pros, and cons of many brands, which brand is most liked by the buyers, the price range of brands, and many more such questions.

We are providing every detail after interviewing many dealers, and shop owners who sell kitchen accessories and appliances.

1. Best Chimney Brand: Elica

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Elica

Elica is an Italian brand that was established in 1970. It has made a good name in the Indian market because of its high-quality kitchen products. It has also started attracting Indian moms for its affordable chimneys.

You can choose from a number of chimneys that come in a variety of styles, prices, and levels of innovation, including ones with sleek designs, high suction capacity, and more.


  • Elica chimneys have powerful suction capabilities, so suitable for those households having many members. They are also good for those who want to cook frequently or cook for extended periods.
  • You will get a good option and a wide choice of designs to choose from.
    • If you want to choose a kitchen chimney as per the interior design of your kitchen, then so you can easily find a chimney that matches the look of your kitchen.
  • Elica also provides high-quality products that are manufactured with good, durable, and long-lasting materials.


  • Many customers find the products of these brands on the side of high prices. I think people who are on a tight budget can look for other chimney brands which provide cheap products or can look for the latest discount to get it at their budget price.
  • Some users have also reported that the noise level is generally a bit high on the Elica fireplace. But if you consider the product’s build quality this con can be ignored

2. Best Chimney Brand: Faber

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Faber

Faber is another popular chimney brand in the Indian market, known for its high-quality chimneys and innovative designs. They offer a range of chimneys that cater to different cooking styles and kitchen sizes. Faber, which began in Italy in 1955, is a renowned manufacturer of kitchen equipment.

Their main office is in Fabriano, Italy, and they also have a manufacturing facility in Pune, India. Over the past two decades, products by Faber are the top pick for many consumers in India. Faber can be the best option for you if you want new kitchen appliances that are stylish and durable with high performance.


  • Filtration systems in Faber chimneys are among the best product available in the kitchen market.
  • Faber chimneys are the way to go if you care about keeping your kitchen away from grease and smoke.
  • They provide a variety of fashionable chimney options as well.
    • You can choose a fantastic new addition to your kitchen among their many different designs.
  • Chimneys from the Faber brand are a great option for those on a budget.


  • As per some customers and other dealers, the suction power on Faber chimneys is a bit weak
  • Faber’s service and support are anyway mediocre. If you are looking for prompt and efficient assistance, be prepared to wait.

3. Best Chimney Brand: Pigeon

Kitchen Chimney Brand in India: Pigeon

Pigeon Kitchen has been gaining popularity in India for over 15 years. Since its establishment in 1999, Pigeon has been a go-to brand for discerning housewives thanks to its consistent high quality and affordable prices.

White Page International named the brand one of “India’s Most Admired Brands 2016,” which is a testament to the company’s commitment to producing high-quality goods.

The relationship between Pigeon with LPG companies like Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Hindustan Petroleum Limited has allowed Pigeon to reach a larger audience and make their products more reach to consumers. With a strong focus on quality and affordability, Pigeon Kitchen is a brand that is really dedicated to the Indian housewife.


  • Pigeon products provide an option to buy good quality products at affordable and cheap price
  • Pigeon products are easily available in your nearby stores.
  • Since the service centers are located across many cities, you will get good service too.
  • They are competitive and try to bring new innovations in kitchen products.


  1. Some customers have reported inconsistent after-sales support. This is important when you need to repair or want to maintain the product.
  2. Some users have complained about the defective delivery of the products.

4. Best Chimney Brand in India: Prestige

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand in India: Prestige

TTK Prestige is one of the most famous names in Indian kitchens. They have maintained their name in this kitchen industry for over 60 years and it holds the same respect among their customers. Whenever you visit a store to buy any products you will definitely see a product of Prestige.

The company offers all types of kitchen products from all categories. As I said, Prestige always tried to maintain a good standard of its products and has a long history of producing high-quality kitchen products for Indians.

You will find that Prestige’s goods are manufactured with both technologically advanced features and sleek designs. And I think most Indians buy things by emotions, and brand names. And Prestige is one such product in the kitchen product market.


  • Prestige products are known for their good build quality, stylish designs, and trustworthiness.
  • It has a good reputation for its after-sales service and it considers customers satisfaction as first priority
  • They are affordable for Indian consumers.


  • The design of Prestige products may not impress you.

5. Kitchen Chimney Brand: Hindware

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Hindware

The Indian company Hindware manufactures a wide selection of chimneys to suit a variety of home cooking needs and design schemes. They are widely chosen because they are available at low costs with good performance like high suction power

I think you must have heard of the Hindware brand before. This brand is popular and so common that you can find products in almost every home.

You can find their products not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. Hindware has branded itself with a good name as a result of which it has gained good trust among the customers.

Our maternal uncle’s house has a Hindware brand kitchen chimney. We asked him about it, and he gave us a satisfactory answer.

In fact, many dealers in our area have also given positive feedback about this brand. So if you are looking for quality home appliances then you can definitely trust this brand


  • As I said earlier, Hindware chimneys are very popular because of their affordable prices. And we middle-class people keep budget as our first priority, so this brand makes them a great option for those on a tight budget.
  • The brand offers a range of designs to choose from, so you can easily find a chimney that complements the look of your kitchen.
  • Hindware chimneys are known for their powerful suction capabilities, making them ideal for those who cook frequently and for extended periods.


  • The noise levels on Hindware chimneys have been observed by some users to be a little excessive.
    • So if you are one who easily gets irritated by sounds, products by this kitchen brand may not be ideal for you
  • Some users have experienced delays in seeking customer care support. Although this is not such a big con. Still, customer service is an important criterion for some users.

6. Kitchen Chimney Brand: Sunflame

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Sunflame

Sunflame is an Indian brand known for its kitchen products and home appliances. Like other kitchen product brands, they also bring a lot of options and varieties in their products which include gas stoves, chimneys, and microwave ovens.

For the past few years, we have been using Sunflame items in our kitchen, and I must tell you that we are very satisfied with their products.

Sunflame has been a mainstay in Indian households for over three decades now, and the company deserves praise for its products that are built on the latest edge of technology so that the products make our food preparation run smoothly without coughing.

The use of Sunflame has greatly improved the quality of my mom’s time spent in the kitchen. Every product we have used from Sunflame, like their chimneys, hobs, and cooking ranges, has been of the highest quality and greatly meets our expectations.


  • Affordable prices: Sunflame products are reasonably priced. So if you are budget-conscious can decide to go for their products.
  • Wide availability: Sunflame products are easily available in any store and are present in most cities of India,
  • Good value for money: You can save money without compromising on quality if you purchase Sunflame products.


  1. Some consumers have complained that there are some models that are not so good in build quality. When compared to other potential competitors they lag behind in terms of build quality
  2. They offer limited-time period warranties.

7. Kitchen Chimney Brand: Bosch

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Bosch

When it comes to home cooking aids, the Bosch name always stands out. This German firm has been around since 1886, and in that time they have built a solid reputation for producing high-quality, well-designed products. They are now a global powerhouse with 40 manufacturing facilities in 15 countries.

The Germans have a long tradition of producing high-quality household appliances, and their chimneys are no exception. The company has also begun producing Wi-Fi enabled products with Home Connect.

This shows that they are also interested in the growing connected home market. Bosch offers everything that you need for your kitchens, like stoves, ovens, washing machines, and more.


  • Bosch products are built to last and also they have a gained name for being durable and reliable.
  • They are also energy efficient so save your electricity bills
  • With Home Connect’s Wi-Fi connectivity feature, you can manage your kitchen gadgets (like a chimney) just with a tap of your smartphone.
    • You can turn on and turn off the chimney while you are busy talking on the phone or watching TV
  • Bosch appliances are very well at bringing multiple functions in a single model.
  • The Bosch products that we have personally used or seen in our relative’s homes are always of high quality and are made with trending or modern designs.
    • They have a design that will never go out of style and is compatible with any kitchen design.


  1. The products of Bosch items are quite expensive. As it is not an Indian brand so they don’t focus entirely on Indian customers. And make
  2. You may not find many Bosch products in your nearby store, as most India-centric companies hold a good position in our nearby store when it comes to kitchen brands.
  3. You may not get replacement parts for damaged items and even can expect not-so-good customer care support in some tier 2 cities

8. Kitchen Chimney Brand: Glen

Kitchen Chimney Brand: Glen

In the realm of home appliances, the name Glen is instantly recognizable. They have put in over two decades of effort to supply the Indian market with superior goods. When compared to competing brands, Glen prioritizes sourcing locally whenever possible.

In reality, a sizable percentage of their revenue comes from Indian-made goods. The fact that Glen company focuses so intently on the regional market and this sets it to stand high from its competitors.

As per our research with many dealers, we can say that products from this brand try to provide high-quality goods at competitive prices and also try to bring innovative features that meet the needs of the Indian market.

The nicest thing about this kitchen brand is that they produce a vast array of kitchen products, which include gas stoves, cooktops, kitchen chimneys, and more. If you are interested in purchasing things from a company that cares deeply about helping India develop while also providing excellent service, Glen is the way to go.


  • Kitchen chimneys are equipped with advanced CNC machines from Germany and Japan, making production flexible and efficient.
  • They come with elegant designs, making them a perfect kitchen décor and style statement.
  • You will get to see a variety of models for chimneys, giving customers the freedom to choose the perfect appliance for their kitchen.
  • Generally, products are designed for safe cooking, and kitchen chimneys by Glen are made from premium materials and developed to meet the needs of every household.


  • Customer support is not that good and has been criticized by some users
  • Don’t offers good discount like other products
  • Not so many service centers are available

9. Kitchen Chimney Brand: Siemens

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand: Siemens

Siemens is an International brand in the kitchen appliance industry. This brand has been recognized worldwide for its innovative technologies and beautiful designs. They make kitchen gadgets smart by making intelligent and intuitive kitchen products.

Siemens Home Appliances strives to provide consumers with the perfect balance of form and function. You can find all types of kitchen products starting from high-quality ovens to powerful dishwashers, or coffee machines. Siemens is trying to provide every type of product to meet its user’s needs.


  • As I said earlier, Siemens products are equipped with the latest technological advancements for smart cooking, cleaning, and storage.
  • As it is an international brand, they manufacture amazing stylish design products that look so smart yet enhance the look of your kitchen
  • We have read reviews of these products from various sites like Amazon and found that customers are giving positive reviews, mentioning that they provide energy-saving products that save on electricity bills.
  • Users are also happy with the quality and durability of Siemens products.


  • One of the major cons is, they are quite expensive
  • Also, the service centers are not available in every city in India

10. Kitchen Chimney Brand: KAFF

Kitchen Chimney Brand: KAFF

KAFF Appliances is a name my mother used to tell me about. She noticed a kitchen product from this brand at her friends’ house who recently renovated their kitchen and upgraded many kitchen items. My mom’s friend raves about the superior quality and elegant design of this brand.

After doing some research about the brand KAFF, I found that they not only market their kitchen appliances but also provide hardware and accessories to become a complete solution partner for modular kitchen needs.

You will find all types of kitchen products, from stylish kitchen chimneys to elegant built-in ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, wine coolers, and all other kitchen hardware and accessories.

Though the brand is not that popular and much heard in the kitchen industry, KAFF Appliances is trying its level best to stay on top of the market. This can be a great option for those who have a low budget and at the same time want to give a new look to their kitchen with high-quality and elegant products.


  • You can go for KAFF products if you are looking for stylish designs with good quality.
  • As I already said before, the KAFF products are affordable and well-suited for the Indian markets.
  • It has Kitchen Chimneys with all the required features that anybody expects from a good brand


  1. According to our research, many customers have reviewed that the products they receive have inconsistent quality where some units work well while others exhibit noise and control issues.
  2. If something goes wrong with KAFF products, you may have difficulty repairing and replacing kitchen parts, as service centers are not as widely available.
  3. Though KAFF offers a range of high-quality products, they lag behind other brands in terms of innovation and keeping pace with the latest changes coming in the market, both in terms of technology and design.

Short Comparision of all the chimney brands

Short Comparision of all the best kitchen chimney brands in India

In this section, we will compare the best chimney brands in India based on the factors mentioned in section II.

  • Suction Power: Both the Hindware and the Faber are recognized for their outstanding suction power. These two manufacturers provide chimneys with strong suction, making them suitable for intensive cooking.
  • Filter Type: Chimneys from trusted manufacturers like Hindware, Bosch, and Siemens provide powerful filtration systems. They give importance to the primary purpose of the chimney which is to remove the waste buildup from oil and grease.
    • Each of these manufacturers provides traditional mesh filters and advanced baffle filters so that maximum grease can be removed.
  • Noise Level: Brands like Elica and Faber are good for their low noise levels.  These chimneys are a great option for those who value silence in the kitchen.
  • Size & Style: When it comes to style, nearly all brands deliver good design, but my personal favourites include Prestige, Sunflame, and Pigeon.
    • They provide chimneys of various sizes and shapes. So if you want to give an aesthetic look to your kitchen, these manufacturers can fulfill the needs of your kitchen.


While writing this post and reading reviews of different people, I  realized that the best Indian chimney brand is a matter of personal preference. We have provided every possible detail of the top Best Chimney Brands in India. Now it’s up to you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each brand and pick the one that’s best for you.

Let us know which kitchen brand you liked and decided to buy and if you have bought one then do comment about your own personal experiences with the brands we have discussed. By sharing your insight, you can help other readers choose the best fireplace for your cooking needs.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Which chimney brand is best for India?

When it comes to the best chimney for India, it ultimately comes down to personal views, needs, and requirements. Read the pros and cons of every kitchen chimney brand, know their service types, location availability, designs, etc from our blog and read buying guide, make a list of your requirements, and then decide which chimney to buy.

Which chimney is better Elica or Faber?

Both brands are good in their own ways but if you are tight on the budget then kitchen brands like Elica, Prestige, and Pigeon can offer good products at a better and more affordable price range.

Which chimney brand has the best suction power?

If suction power is a top priority, then Hindware is a great choice as they are known for its high suction capabilities.

Which type of chimney is best for the kitchen?

This is a relative question. The answer cannot be given directly because the best type of chimney for a kitchen depends on individual needs, choices, budget etc. You need to consider many factors that we have mentioned on our blog post. These include budget, suction power, design, piece, sixe and shape, type of kictehn chimney you want, etc

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