Best mixer grinder brands

As a homemaker, I know the importance of having the best mixer grinder brand in your kitchen. And you also know that a mixer grinder can be used for almost every kind of cooking. From grinding spices to making batters for chutneys, juices, idlis, masalas and smoothies and even making any type of paste, the mixer grinder is there to meet your needs. And it is very important to know the best mixer grinder brands so that you can make a wise choice to buy one whenever necessary.

Why choosing a mixer grinder with the best brand name is important for me?

I am the type of person who believes that any kitchen product should not only have a lot of features but should also be durable. Because it is useless to spend money again and again on the same kitchen product.

Let me tell you that I got my first mixer grinder 20 years back and it worked for more than 20 years. Again I bought a new mixer grinder of a good brand name 2 years ago and it is working smoothly till today without any need for repair and maintenance.

A good mixer grinder brand will always ensure that their product is of high quality and they provide good customer service whenever and wherever needed. The best mixer grinder brand company have a good history track, record and customer feedback too, which in turn helps us to make an informed decision.

That’s why when buying a mixer grinder or any kitchen product, I first look at its durability. And I believe that branded companies provide good and durable products. And for this obvious reason, they have earned their name in the kitchen market.

So based on my experiments and research I am going to tell you which are the best mixer grinder brands which you should give your first priority while buying.

Best Mixer Grinder Brands that you should always choose

Brand NameSpecial Features5 Star Rating
PhilipsTurbo Motor, Advanced air ventilation, Sturdy coupler4.6⭐
BajajPowerful Motor, Multi-functional blade system, Elegant body design4.3⭐
PreethiShock Proof Plastic Bod, multi-level speed control, Flexi Lid jars4.8⭐
SujataThe vibration-free operation, shock-proof and safe4.2⭐
Prestigeoverload protection switch, Versatile Jars, Superior Grade Plastic Body4.5⭐
PanasonicSamurai Edge Blades, Double Safety Lock System4.4⭐
HavellsStainless Steel Jars, handy handles, Air Channelization System4.1⭐
Maharaja WhitelineStainless Steel Jars, Superior Cooling, Unique Jar Flow Breakers3.9⭐
CromptonOverload Protection, Enhanced Motor Ventilation, Better Grinding Control4.0⭐
UshaAnti-skid suction feet, cooler operation4.7⭐


Philips - A best mixer grinder brands

This is a household name and everyone must have at least one product of Philips. It was introduced in 1891. Talking about history, Philips is a Dutch company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

I am really satisfied with its exceptional customer service and its after-sales support. This mixer grinder is really well-designed to withstand heavy usage and you can use it for commercial kitchens also.

Actually, I have a mixer grinder of this brand and that’s why I have mentioned this at the top of the list. I have recently bought Philips HL7759/00 Mixer Grinder. Personally, I am satisfied with the performance of the product and also impressed with its sleek design and high-quality stainless steel jars.

Along with mixer grinders, Philips also has a wide range of other kitchen products like sandwich makers, hand blenders and other electric home appliances like LED lights and home entertainment systems.


Bajaj - best mixer grinder brand

You will definitely find Bajaj products in every home. The Bajaj Company was originally named Radio Lamp Works Limited under the Indian Companies Act of 1913. However, in 1960, the company’s name was changed to Bajaj Electricals Limited.

It’s an Indian brand and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharastra. Bajaj not only manufactures mixer grinders but is also popular in many other kitchen products like electric cookers, gas stoves, induction cookers, microwave ovens, OTG, pressure cookers, electric cookers, electric kettles and many more. Not only in the kitchen area, but Bajaj has maintained its position in other areas of home appliances as well.

It manufactures products such as fans, irons and water heaters. My Bhabi’s kitchen has a mixer grinder by the Bajaj brand. Before writing the post, I called my Bhabi yesterday and asked for a brief response.

She has said that this product is perfect for anyone who wants a versatile and durable mixer grinder. She is using this mixer grinder for the last 4 years and is satisfied with the performance of the product. And this product is quite light in weight too. This model name he told me is – Bajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder


Prestige - A best mixer grinder brand

Prestige is an Indian name and one of the best Mixer grinder brands in the industry. prestige company was founded in 1955 under the name TTK Prestige Limited. Since then Prestige products have been ruling in the market offering a range of kitchen appliances, including mixer grinders. Its corporate office is located in Bengaluru and offers a wide range of other electric appliances, including cooktops, irons, and air fryers.

My neighbourhood has recently bought a Prestige product and I am really impressed by the service the company provides. I visited the same store to enquire about the brands and their various products.

And by checking one of the mixer grinders of Prestige which is – the Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder, I can give 9 on 10 for its sleek design and speed rotating motor. The motor is speedy enough to handle heavy-duty grinding tasks. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

When I asked about the Prestige brand to the shop owner, he replied that you can go for a prestige mixer grinder if you are looking for durability and fast grinding of ingredients.


Preethi - one of the best mixer brand

This is also a well-known and best mixer grinder brand. Not only a mixer grinder, but Preethi has also properly established its position in all types of kitchen products niche. It was established in 1978, Preethi is an Indian brand that has its headquarters in Chennai.

Along with mixer grinders, Preethi covers many different ranges of kitchen products like Electric Chimneys, Gas Stoves, induction cooktops, choppers, coffee makers, and many more kitchen gadgets. One of my friends has a Mixer grinder of the Preethi brand. And while talking with her she gave a good review of her mixer grinder. She uses this model – Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder of 750 watts.

I have also seen many good reviews for Preethi’s mixer grinder. Many users have appreciated the brand for its wide variety of models with powerful motors, stylish colourful designs and high-quality stainless steel jars.


Sujata mixer grinder brand

Sujata is also a popular mixer grinder brand in India, especially in the home and kitchen appliance market. Sujata is an Indian brand started in 1979 with its corporate office in New Delhi. Like other best mixer grinder brands, Sujata also focuses not only on mixer grinders but also a wide range of home appliances like juicers, blenders etc.

We have visited various product pages of Sujata Products and read the comments and feedback. There were mixed reviews for Sujatha’s various products. However, if we focus only on mixer grinders, many customers have given positive feedback on many different models.

Although there are some customers who faced some problems, but their number is less. And also every product will get some negative feedback no matter how good the product is.

We personally visited nearby kitchen stores to inquire about the brand and collected reviews from the store owners about this mixer grinder brand. He said that his customers are satisfied with the quality of the Sujata Mixer Grinder.

One such mixer grinder by Sujata is – USHA RapidMix 500-Watt Copper Motor Mixer Grinder

Customers love it for its sturdy design, powerful motor, and durability. They also come with innovative designs and features to meet the advanced convenience needs of customers. In Sujata mixer grinders you will find some food and needful features like three-speed control, pulse function and overload protection. This conveys that they are also concerned for their customer’s safety part


Usha mixer grinder brand

Usha is a household name in Indian homes. This company was established in 1954 and is an Indian brand that has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. Usha brand is more popular for fans, Sewing machines, and electric pumps, but the USHA kitchen products are also capturing the market slowly. This mixer grinder by USHA which is the USHA RapidMix 500-Watt Copper Motor Mixer Grinder is an affordable one and also matches the needs of Indian moms.

Since the brand has already made a name for itself in our homes, people do not hesitate before buying any of Usha’s kitchen products. This is the power of branding. You do not need to explain your company to your customers.

And this branding game is played by Usha Company to sell its kitchen products. And as far as I know, Mixer Grinder by Usha will not disappoint you in any way, though you may not get a wide variety of models of Mixer Grinder by Usha.

Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline mixer grand

Maharaja Whiteline is another great Indian mixer grinder brand that has been in the market for over 40 years. It was started in 1976 and is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. As per their official website, Maharaja Whiteline is the 2nd largest distributed brand in the country.

In addition to the super quality and affordable mixer grinders, they also offer a wide range of home and other kitchen appliances. On their official website, you will find many kitchen products like food processors, hand blenders, and induction cooktops. OTG ovens, etc.

You can check out this mixer grinder by Maharaja Whiteline – Maharaja Whiteline 450W Mark 1 Juicer Mixer Grinder. I have personally used this product at my cousin’s house. And those who want dual purpose mixer grinder, I mean a grinder which can work as both a mixer grinder and a juicer maker can go for this product.

Their mixer grinders start from the price range of ₹3000 and go up to ₹9000. You need to choose the right mixer grinder based on your requirements and budget.


Havells mixer grinder brand

Havells is also one of the best mixer grinder brands. This brand is also very popular and can be commonly seen in Indian kitchen rooms. They are known for their cool and modern design, which adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Havells was founded in 1958, which is an Indian company and has set up its headquarters in Noida. They produce good quality mixer grinders and in addition to this, Havells also produces a variety of home appliances including fans, air purifiers, and water heaters.

I like this mixer grinder by Havells- Havells Maxx Grind 750 watt. I have seen this model live at my nearest shop and also used the sample piece to test the performance. Surprisingly at this price range, it is working great. The blue colour innovative design has really impressed me. It comes with some great features like overload Indicators, 3 Wider Mouth Stainless Steel Jar, and ergonomic handles. All these things make this mixer grinder brand a great choice.


Crompton - Mixer grinder brand

The company was established in 1937 as Crompton Parkinson Work Private Limited. And in 1947, it was acquired by Karam Chand Thapar of the Thapar Group. It is an Indian brand that has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Crompton produces many good quality mixer grinder products that will definitely fit the budget of a middle-class family. One such product by Crompton is Ameo 750-Watt. It has enhanced motor ventilation, which produces many other types of home appliances like fans, air coolers, and water heaters. The shop owner said that Crompton mixer grinders come with energy-efficient motors and classic designs that not only deliver good performance but also help in proper handling and storage.


Panasonic mixer grinder brand

Panasonic is a Japanese brand that entered the Indian market a long time ago. It was founded in 1935. And from 1935 to 2008, the company’s corporate name was “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co which was later changed to Panasonic Corporation after January 2008.

I think before the arrival of many Indian mixer grinder brands, Panasonic products have already entered many Indian households. You know how innovative Japan is, and they try to maintain the legacy of their innovativeness in the kitchen appliance market too.

I personally prefer Panasonic mixer grinders for their innovative features like a double safety locking system, though they are in a slightly higher price range. However, good if you are looking for a reputed and branded mixer grinder product then this product can be a good choice for you.

You can have a look at this product – Panasonic AC MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder. It has got a 3-speed setting that can be used for different purposes like meat grinding, coffee grinding, blending, etc

Final verdict and some feedback

Philips – Philips mixer grinders are a good choice as all the products have got powerful motors along with super cool lightweight designs. Most of its customers including me appreciate its durability, along with the brand’s excellent customer service.

Bajaj – The first thing is, Bajaj is an Indian brand. And next thing is mixer grinders by this brand are affordable pricing and come with user-friendly features. Customers are satisfied with its products which are not only durable but also ensure that all models of mixer grinders have a sleek design with easy-to-use controls

Prestige – Prestige mixer grinders have stylish designs and user-friendly features. Customers appreciate their quick performance and durability. They also offer good customer care service not only during the warranty period but also when the warranty period expired you will get the same level of quality customer care support

Preethi – Preethi mixer grinders are known for their energy-efficient motors and versatile designs. Customers appreciate its durability and its collection of a wide variety of models with powerful motors, stylish colourful designs and high-quality stainless steel jars.

Sujata – In Sujata mixer grinders you will find some food and needful features like three-speed control, pulse function and overload protection. This conveys that they are also concerned for their customer’s safety part. So many customers are satisfied with the performance of Sujata’s products and their affordability

Usha: I personally think the Usha mixer grinders have powerful motors. Almost all the mixer grinders of the Usha brand come with three stainless steel jars that make the cleaning process easy. Customers have powerful performance, durability, and ease of use.

Maharaja Whiteline – Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder is not as popular as its competitors, but the products from this brand are at par with its competitors. The price of this mixer grinder brand is affordable and that is the reason many new customers are getting attracted towards it.

Havells – Havells mixer grinder is good for those who look for a stylish mixer grinder. Many customers are giving good reviews for its sleek design and its excellent customer service. Havells has customer support centres in all the major cities

Crompton – As I said earlier, Crompton mixer grinders come with energy-efficient motors and classic designs that not only deliver good performance but also help in proper handling and storage. After taking the reviews of many people, I found that this brand has got mixed reviews. However, shopkeepers say that they are getting good sales of this brand’s products without any complaints.

Panasonic – Panasonic mixer grinders have always been known for their innovative designs and high-quality materials. So if you are a big fan of Panasonic you can go for the mixer grinders by this brand. Generally, I have found that people already have Panasonic products like refrigerators, microwave ovens etc and if you want to add one more product by Panasonic then you can blindly buy this best mixer grinder brand product.

Let’s cover some quick points to consider while buying a mixer grinder

When you visit the market or search online platforms for mixer grinders, you will find that there are different types of mixer grinders available in many different sizes and types.

Many choose a mixer grinder by looking at motor power or speed, many look for the number of jars that mixer grinders come with, many choose budget-friendly mixer grinder by looking at all other features, and many decide by looking at the materials of the product like stainless steel, plastic or glass. But when it comes to mine, I consider these 4 factors while choosing a mixer grinder.

  • 1️⃣First of all, as I said earlier, I look at the mixer grinder brand name. Because the right brand will always try to satisfy its customer and provide a mixer grinder which will be durable and will last for a long time.
    • They also try to make the product cheaper by saving money in the long run. I personally believe that investing in the best mixer grinder brand that offers high-quality products with a good warranty helps save our money in the both short and long term. I said for a long time because you don’t need to rush for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • 2️⃣The second thing that I look is at the performance of the grinder and how fast the motor is moving so that it can grind and blend the ingredients properly. A good branded mixer grinder with a powerful motor and sharp blades can grind even the toughest food materials like spices and nuts easily.
  • 3️⃣The third thing I look for is what additional features are there in that particular product. It may include many things like a speed controller, auto-turn off feature in case of emergency, and other safety features like a locking system, overload protection etc.
    • And it’s also if a particular product offers multiple jars of different capacities or not. Because different types of jars can be used for different purposes like making smoothies, grinding spices or making chutneys
  • 4️⃣Lastly, I look at the price of the product. A particular product with all the desired features that I am looking for, comes within my budget or not. And in case it doesn’t fit my budget, I look for a less-featured grinder. I never like to look for a mixer grinder which has many features and is less durable with a higher price range.


After researching and comparing the top five mixer grinder companies in India, it is clear that each brand has its unique features and benefits. Since I myself use a Philips mixer grinder, so definitely I will recommend you to buy this mixer grinder – Philips HL7759/00 Mixer Grinder especially if you are tight on budget and want a super performing mixer grinder

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of mixer grinder is best?

As I have mentioned above the top 10 best mixer grinder brands include Philips, Bajaj, Preethi, Sujata, Usha, and so on. The term “best brand” is not specific and will obviously change from one person to another. But among all, I like these top brands that I have mentioned above.

Which mixer grinder is best Sujata or Preethi?

I will say both Sujata and Preethi are popular mixer grinder brands in India, and both offer good quality products. I think if you ask me to tell only one, then personally I will go with Sujata mixer grinders

Which is the best mixer grinder for dosa batter?

Since I use the mixer grinder by Philips, and I am very satisfied with the grinding power of the product, so I will recommend this brand only. Let me tell you, this mixer grinder also works perfectly in making batter for dosa.
Mixer grinder for doa batter (Personal recommendation) – Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

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