Best Sandwich toaster in India

Technology has changed the way we look at the things around us. It has affected human life to a great extent in every aspect. We are no longer dependent on wood for cooking. We can get dedicated kitchen gadgets for each particular dish we prepare.

Even a novice can prepare a delicious breakfast or dinner using simple, handy kitchen tools. Also, bread has always been at the top of our breakfast list.

And how can we forget about the toaster when it comes to making sandwiches. A sandwich toaster is a boon for sandwich enthusiasts. But when it comes to buying a toaster, some common questions arise in our mind like which sandwich toaster to buy, how to choose the best sandwich toaster in India, which brand to choose, what to consider before buying a sandwich toaster have to keep?

The market is full of thousands of products and most of them are not really worth considering. So it is very important to choose the best sandwich toaster so that we can prepare a delicious sandwich whenever and wherever we want. As a customer, we always look for a sustainable product at an affordable price.

Keeping these things in mind, we are preparing a detailed post on the best sandwich toaster in India, how to make a sandwich using this kitchen gadget, what to pay attention to, types of sandwich toasters, and a complete sandwich toaster guide.

The Agaro 33185 Elegant Sandwich Maker

Are you craving for homemade sandwiches? If yes then you can trust The Agaro 33185 Elegant Sandwich Maker to do it for you. No matter how thick you put your paninis, it only takes one press to turn it into a delicious sandwich because of its adjustable cafe-style floating lid that presses thin or thick sandwiches.

Even hot open-mouth sandwiches such as pizza can be made for grilling as the lid box on top of it heats such foods. Its cooking surface measures approximately 22.9 x 20.9 cm making it large enough to make two or three sandwiches at a time.

It is very easy to remove the sandwich as the grill plates are nonstick making cleanup easier, faster and requiring less oil, making the sandwich healthier. It is also designed with a cool-touch handle to avoid burns and injuries.

The Agaro 33185 Elegant Sandwich Maker isn’t your ordinary sandwich maker, it has a light indicator to power on and preheats to let you know when the product is on, and when it’s ready for grilling. A comprehensive feature that sets this sandwich maker apart is its upright storage for space-saving convenience.


  • Non-Stick Sandwich Maker with Fixed Plates
  • Designed with Die Cast Aluminum Plate
  • Automatic Thermostat with Light Indicators
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Elegant Lightweight Design
  • 1 Meter Extra-Long cordLine 2


  • It is lightweight and very easy to handle
  • Enough space to toast 4 slices of bread
  • Affordable Sandwich Maker
  • 750 watts gives good heat so that the food is done in 4-5 minutes
  • Its uniform surface makes it easy to clean


  • Sometimes the upper part gets very hot

Borosil Super Jumbo 180° 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

presenting the Borosil super jumbo grill sandwich maker in the color black this grilled sandwich maker has a stainless steel mirror finish and a large-sized plate suitable for making four-slice sandwiches. The non-stick heating plate has deep ribs for extra crispy grilling with a heating plate that opens to 105 degrees for easy access.

It has an oil drip collector tray to drain excess butter and oil. You can control the temperature with the help of a temperature control knob and lock the sandwich maker with a slight type lock on the handle. It has a power wattage of 2000 watts making the grilling fast and uniform.

The sandwich maker has a thermal fuse and cool-touch handle for extra safety. It comes with a power indicator with a red indicator for power and a green indicator for heating operation with automatic temperature control.

Inside the box, you can find the Grill Sandwich Maker, a cleaning spatula, and an instruction manual. Since it is nonstick it requires little or no oil or grease or butter to grill your food. This keeps you away from unhealthy fat. Food easily slides down from the flip to eliminating scratching and scraping when washing 


  • umbo sized grilling plate
  • 180-degree angle openable lid
  • Nonstick grill plates for extra crispy grilling
  • Oil drip collector tray to drain excess butter and oil
  • Power: 2000W ; Voltage: 230v AC / 50Hz 
  • Cord length: 1.4m 
  • Slide type lock on the handle for plates
  • Temperature control knob
  • Thermal fuse for added safety
  • Red Indicator for Power and Green Indicator for Heating operation
  • Cool touch front handle for safety


  • Good Build quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sandwiches and other grilled items work well.
  • Pretty large to make 2 sandwiches of the largest-sized bread.
  • Great value for money


  • Difficult to clean
  • Cannot take out the grill plate.
  • Heat goes to the outer body so you have to handle it carefully.
  • It takes a little extra time to heat food

Nova Sandwich Maker

The exterior of the Nova Grill Sandwich Maker looks so shiny because the upper body is made of metal and is silver in color and the rest of the body is plastic and black. Although its size is quite big, it looks strong.

The handle is also great and has a good grip to hold and makes opening and closing very easy. If you turn it upside down you can see C-shaped curves on either side to provide grip. This is to ensure that it does not slip while handling the sandwich maker

Its grilling plate is of non-stick coating which helps it to prevent oil from sticking to the surface and you can grill food using very little oil. If we talk about the dimensions, then it is 39.29 x 38.7 x 13.7 cm. This product comes with a temperature control feature and it usually takes 3-4 minutes to grill. This Nova sandwich maker consumes up to 750 watts of power.

It has been seen many times that if we make a two or three-layer sandwich (club sandwich) in a small sandwich maker, then it does not fit properly and if we try to press it too much, the sandwich will come out.

Grilling goes. But in this sandwich maker, the grill plate is quite big in size and can fit standard size sandwiches and 3-4 layers of sandwiches can be easily grilled. This makes your sandwich absolutely crispy and every layer of the sandwich gets grilled well.

In addition to sandwiches, you can also grill vegetables, cheese, fish, and chicken. Cleaning is also easy. Just wait for it to cool down completely and use a green scrubber and scrub it gently and wipe it carefully with a wet cloth. Leave the griller uncovered for an hour or two to air dry.


  • Perfect toasting and grilling of foods
  • Large size grill toaster with superior quality materials
  • Handles are easy to hold
  • Power: 750 watts
  • Operating voltage: 210-250 volts


  • Nonstick surface works perfectly
  • Uniform distribution of heat.
  • Heats up quickly


  • Big in size if your kitchen is small
  • The length of the chord could have been longer

Prestige Sandwich Maker PSMFD 1

Let me start the review by defining the meaning of the model PSMFD1. It means the model is a Prestige Sandwich Maker FixedPlate 1. A fixed plate means that the plate will be fixed and you cannot remove it. In other sandwich makers, you can remove the plate and wash it thoroughly before proceeding to make the sandwich.

If you are the only person working in your house, then making sandwiches for yourself is one of the interesting things to do. And that’s why Prestige’s Sandwich Maker has been extremely helpful to everyone. Talking about the build quality, I really liked it.

The best part is that I liked that it is made in India so it has become something that supports India. Let me tell you more about this super handy product that comes with an ergonomic design featuring sturdy and durable die-cast aluminum grill plates. The body is made from strong heat-resistant backlight plastic material with a matte finish which makes it safe to handle even when in use.

I will tell you 3 great features of this sandwich maker

  • The first is that this 700W machine will cook faster, it will heat up faster to help you cook easier and faster.
  • The second thing is that it is a non-stick sandwich plate that is made of aluminum, so you have to apply less oil to it. The company claims that the chances of sticking to burning are very low.
  • The third feature that I like about the sandwich maker is that it is heat resistant, it has a body backlight, which will reduce the body heat to a great extent.
  • It has a matte finish look to match the exterior of your modern kitchen. The smooth surface is easy to clean and durable.

On top of the sandwich maker, you will see a red light and a green light. A red light means that the machine is heating up and a green light means it is cooked and is not heating up yet. If you turn on the machine for the first time, it will turn on the red light and start to heat up and the green light will flash after cooking.

I mentioned that it has a backlight body that is heat resistant. The company claims that this sandwich maker will not heat up its outer body but I don’t think so as it is a 700-watt machine so it will get a bit hot.

If we talk about its cord, then you will get a code length of 1 meter which is a little short. The company should provide a slightly longer cord because not every household has a closed socket in the kitchen.


  • Build Quality is good 
  • Durable aluminum grill plates
  • Heat Resistant, Bakelite Body
  • Non-Stick Coating for Oil-Free Toasting
  • 2 Power indicator for easy-to-use
  • 700 Watts Power, 
  • Bread Piece Capacity is  2
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty


  • Power indicator
  • Heat resistant bakelite body
  • Non-stick heating plates


  • The wire length is very small.
  • Heat doesn’t spread evenly

Lifelong LLSM115G 750-Watt 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

With the Lifelong 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker, we get to see a manual and sandwich maker machine. Inside the manual, it is mentioned that if you want to share your experience with this product on their WhatsApp or on their email id, you will get an extended warranty of six months. So a total warranty of one and a half years have been given, which is a good thing. All other points are explained in great detail apart from the warranty details.

Now let’s talk about the sandwich maker, you get to see the very good quality and very strong plug. It’s a 16 amp and 250-watt plug. A thick and heavy string is also attached to it. But again in this product also I am disappointed with its length.

If we talk about the exterior look of this product, then it has been given a very glossy look and the design is also very good. The glossy texture can leave marks on our fingers and oil. The entire material is made of plastic, like the previous product, it also has a light indicator on the top.

Red light and green light have been given. A handle is also provided to hold the machine tightly while moving it from one place to another. It has a sturdy handle due to which it is easy to carry. There are rubber feet at the bottom which give you a good grip. It has ventilation grilles which are great. Its design and look is very nice

If we talk about the back of the sandwich maker, you will see a wire that connects the body and the top of the product, and its function is to supply power from the main body to the top. This wire has metal spring protection, so you don’t need to worry about the wire breaking.

We can say that the design, look, and material are excellent. If you open the toaster, you’ll find a nonstick plate with horizontal lines. You can grill two medium-sized pieces of bread/sandwiches in this sandwich maker. The best part is that you can make two grill sandwiches without oil.

When you plug in the cord, you will see the red light flashing and you will have to wait for the green light to turn on. Once the green light flashes it indicates preheating is complete and you are ready to apply bread.

Once you place 2 normal-sized slices of bread on a non-stick plate and close the lid you will see that the red light is flashing and the green light has turned off. So wait for 2-3 minutes and the green light will start flashing. This indicates that the bread has been toasted and is ready to be served.You can easily clean the plates using a wet cloth or any cleaning material. Be careful that the water does not come out of the plate


  • Non-stick plates prevent sticking of oils on the plates and prepare a healthy oil-free sandwich
  • The outer body is less hot while cooking and offers cool-touch;
  • Its weight is light enough to carry it anywhere you want. It weighs 400gm
  • Elegant black glossy  finish body
  • Comes with a Hinged Lock for Well Grilled Sandwiches
  • It operates at 750 Watts and  220 – 240 Volts


  • Easy to Clean
  • The outer body doesn’t heat during cooking
  • Coated with premium quality Teflon
  • Light indicators
  • Compact design for easy handling


  • Cord length is short
  • The plug doesn’t have an earthing pin

Sandwich Toaster Buying Guide

Power-rating of the sandwich maker

Power-rating of the sandwich maker

The first thing we consider when buying a sandwich toaster is the power rating of the sandwich toaster. So the sandwich maker that we buy for our home use should have a power range of 700-1000W.

And the sandwich maker which has more power than this is used for commercial purposes.
So friends it is necessary to consider the power factor of your sandwich maker because if the power rating of your sandwich maker is high then obviously it will consume more electricity and generate a higher electricity bill.

Shape of grilling plates

If you think it’s important to toast sandwiches with a particular shape, the size and shape of the plates is a huge factor that you should consider before buying any sandwich maker. Generally, a sandwich maker comes with two types of plates –

  • 4 triangular-shaped grilling plates
  • Fixed square grill heating type plate.

If you like to eat triangular-shaped sandwiches then it is better to go for triangular type plates and if you want to toast full-shaped bread then you have to go for square type plates.
So before buying a sandwich maker, you need to see what type of heating plate you are getting, whether it is a triangular or a perfect square type plate.

Number of slices of bread it can hold

Number of slices of bread it can hold

This is one of the most important factors in choosing a sandwich maker. You have to choose a sandwich maker based on the number of sandwiches you want to make at a time. If you think you have a large number of members in your family or you are going on picnics with your friends often then it is better to buy a sandwich maker which can hold 4 to 8 bread pieces at a time.

But if you have only two members in your family then it is better to choose a sandwich maker which has a triangular-shaped plate and can toast 1-2 sandwiches at a time.

Nonstick layer of grilling plates

Nonstick layer of grilling plates of sandwitch maker

So, guys, the next factor that you have to see is whether your sandwich maker has a non-stick coating or not. This is because the non-stick coating prevents the plate bread from sticking to your sandwich plate. It also reduces the amount of oil used for grilling your sandwich so that you can have a healthy sandwich. Nonstick coating makes the washing process easy

Materials used

Materials used in best sandwich maker

It is not only that you have to look only for the functionalities and how the sandwich maker toasts the food, but you also have to look at the fact that how easily you can clean the sandwich maker after cooking. Sometimes it happens that you find it difficult to wash the dishes. It is therefore advisable to choose sandwich makers that have Teflon coated on their heating plates so that it can be easily washed and dirt can be removed easily.

Sandwich maker size

The size of the sandwich maker you buy may vary according to your requirement and the size of the kitchen. If your kitchen has confined space then a small-sized sandwich maker will definitely work out. Compact-sized machines can be easily fitted in the kitchen and you can take them wherever you want.

On the flip side, One would like to buy a large size sandwich maker because of their large family members. But a large size sandwich maker may occupy a large space in your kitchen and at the same time, it will be very difficult to wash and carry them from place to place. So I would recommend you to buy a compact size Sandwich toaster for easy handling and storing

Length of the power cord

Power cord length is very important as I have seen in many companies that they are not providing enough length of the power cord. So if you’ve got a long wired power cord you’ll be more flexible to toast your bread from anywhere.

Lid lock

Try to look for a sandwich toaster that comes with a lid lock because the lock of the lid can grill the sandwich more perfectly and more evenly. The lid lock presses the bread more tightly and ensures proper and uniform heating of the bread and the stuff inside it.

The lid lock also ensures that the stuffing you put inside the bread is uniform throughout.

Cool touch body

It is wise to buy a sandwich maker that has the cold touch body feature. This is because you must also seek protection. Many times it happens that while making a sandwich we accidentally touch the body and if it is not cool touch the body then the skin of our hand can get burnt. So the outer body should be heat resistant so that when we accidentally touch the outer body then our hands don’t get burnt. Not only burning but we should also look for the fact whether it can prevent electric shock.

Light indicator and auto-off feature

Light indicators on sandwiches are important because it indicates when to place the bread inside the sandwich maker plate and when to remove it after cooking. So once we know when to turn off the machine then things become easy and we can easily prepare sandwiches without facing any problem.

If a sandwich maker offers auto-switching off then it will look nice on the cake as you don’t need to wait for the sandwich maker to complete the process, rather you just put the bread slice inside the sandwich maker and once the toasting is complete it will automatically stop the sandwich-making process.

Temperature controller

Temperature controllers help us to control the temperature like a micro oven so that we can decide for ourselves at what temperature the sandwich maker should be provided for proper grilling and toasting.

Price of the product

We Indians are always on the lookout for a product that is affordable as well as packed with all the features that an expensive product has.

So if you are finding a product that comes with all the features you are looking for and you are getting it without any hesitation in your budget then go for it immediately.

And don’t look for the price part if you are getting a product with long-term benefits and all the good and necessary features.

Warranty Card

It is the duty of every customer to look for the warranty card before buying any product as we do not know whether the product we are getting is defective or working properly. Sometimes it happens that we accidentally break some part of the product and we don’t have any warranty card then we get it fixed by spending extra money on it.

So it is better to look for a warranty card and in the future, if something happens to your product whether physical damage or any internal part damage, you can easily use a warranty card to repair it.
So go for the brand which provides a warranty of up to 2 to 3 years or even 1 year is manageable.


Nowadays many sandwich makers are manufactured with handles for proper carrying and handling purposes. So try to get a machine with one handle. So that if you are going out with your family or going on a picnic or taking this product to your office then you will not find it difficult to manage. You can easily hold it with the handle while shifting it from one place to another.

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