How to choose a good mixer grinder?

A Mixer grinder is one of the must-have kitchen products in our kitchen. Being a homemaker and a foodie, I love making my own masalas and spices using a mixer grinder. I hardly buy any readymade masala or masala packets. I use my mixer grinder to make chilli powder, chicken masala, batter for idli, and many more.

In short, a mixer grinder is a kitchen gadget that can mix, grind, and puree ingredients. All these things are correct but when you see so many options in the market then things get muddled and confusing and on this, it is important to choose a good mixer grinder for your needs. I have 4 different mixer grinders of different models and brands. And changed many mixer grinders before also.

So based on my personal knowledge and experience where I have tried and tested various mixer grinders over the years, I will break down the important factors to consider when choosing the right mixer grinder for your kitchen, and my top picks for the best options I will share Available

Before we begin, let me first give you some basic ideas about a mixer grinder, its uses and benefits.

What is a mixer grinder?

What is Mixer Grinder?

A mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance that is used to mix and grind ingredients and also make a paste for cooking. A mixer grinder consists of a motor-driven base unit, different blade types attached to the motor and also jars that can be attached to the base unit. The blades spin at high speeds to mix and grind ingredients. So it is a device that can mix and grind, so mix + grind = mixer grinder.

I use my mixer grinder to grind masalas, make chutneys, blend smoothies, grind the coffee, make idli batters, and make a puree. In fact, it makes my work so much easier and also saves me a lot of time and effort. I also use it to grind nuts, and seeds and Yes mothers can even use it to make food for their babies. Let’s discuss everything in detail.

Okay now let’s know about the factors that you need to consider to choose a good mixer Grinder

Power and wattage

Power and wattage

The power of a mixer grinder is one of the important factors that can be considered when choosing the right one for your needs. The concept is simple, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the mixer grinder will be. So a mixer grinder of 500-750 watts is a perfect match for most home kitchens. With this power, you can easily carry out all the simple grinding activities of your kitchen.

However, you can consider a mixer grinder with a higher power of 750-1000 watts for heavy-duty tasks such as grinding hard spices or pureeing large quantities of food at once. So you should choose a good mixer grinder as per your needs and can handle tougher tasks without struggling. If you don’t consider this factor, you will end up with a wrong mixer grinder that struggles to perform the tasks that it is supposed to do.

Speed of motors

The speed of the motor is the next important factor to consider. The speed of any motor is measured in rotations per minute (RPM). So it is obvious that a mixer grinder with a higher RPM will rotate faster and will grind the ingredients quicker than one with a lower RPM.

You can go for a mixer grinder with a speed of 18,000-22,000 RPM. This is recommended by most shop owners in our area. This speed is perfect for most grinding tasks such as grinding spices, blending ingredients, and pureeing food.

You have to have both the pros and cons of high-motor RPM and low-motor RPM mixer grinders. You will find mixer grinders with high RPM to be quite expensive. This is due to the fact that they have powerful motors and high-quality blades to handle rough grinding. But on the other hand, they can also generate overheating and annoying noise.

And if you consider mixer grinders with lower RPMs, they can be cheaper but take longer to grind, especially when dealing with rougher ingredients like nuts. So consider this factor and choose a good mixer grinder according to the type of stuff you grind.

Speed Control

This is the common factor that everyone looks for. When I go to the store or buy a mixer grinder online, I see how many speed-level buttons it offers. While making juice you need to run the mixer grinder on low speed so that the ingredients get blended properly to get a smooth output. Most mixer grinders come with at least three-speed options. But if you want more control, you can look for a mixer grinder with more speed settings. This will give you more flexibility and allow you to make all kinds of dishes with ease.

Number of jars and their size

The jars in a mixer grinder act as the container. It is the part where you will place the ingredients to blend, grind, and mix. You will find jars of different sizes and shapes. So you need to choose a good mixer grinder with jars as per your need.

Jar size is important because you need a larger jar to make big batches of batter, a medium jar if you want to grind spices and relatively a small jar for making chutneys or sauces. The jars are usually made of durable materials like stainless steel or plastic and are designed to handle the rough grinding process

The jars come with lids with secure locking systems to ensure that the contents are safe inside the jar during operation and also prevent spills.

Jars have different sizes for different tasks. The size of the jars is important because you can get options to choose the jars according to your needs and the amount of food you need to prepare. A mixer grinder with 1.5-litre jars is good and common for most home kitchens.

Blades and grinding capabilities

Mixer grinders with sharp and durable blades help to work smoothly and can grind ingredients efficiently. The blade should grind different types of ingredients including hard spices, nuts, and vegetables. This is important because we use a mixer grinder to grind each and every item, so you must have a variety of sharp and durable blades to grind different ingredients.

And yes I Just wanted to give you some good advice. Make sure the blade is 304-grade stainless steel. This grade really matters, trust me. It shows if the steel can fight against oxidation and rust.

Safety features

You should look for some safety features while buying a mixer grinder. Safety features like automatic shut-off, an overload protection feature, a shock-proof body, a lid lock feature and anti-slip feet/Vacuum suction feet.

The automatic shut-off feature ensures that the mixer grinder turns off automatically if it overheats

The overload protection feature protects the mixer grinder from damage caused by overloading the jar. This feature stops the machine from working if it senses an overload, and only starts working again when the overload is removed.

Anti-slip feet ensure that the mixer grinder stays in place while it is in use. This prevents any accidents caused by the mixer grinder sliding around while you are using it. Vacuum suction feet keep the mixer grinder firmly in place, reducing the risk of spills and accidents.

A shock-proof body and wiring help protect the appliance from electrical surges, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the motor overload protection switch provides an extra layer of protection for the motor and prevents damage in case of overloading.

A lid lock is also a handy feature that makes using the mixer grinder more convenient. This allows you to add ingredients or check on the progress of your mixture without having to stop the machine, making the whole process quicker and more efficient.

I believe that all gadgets and devices carry some degree of risk, and unfortunate things can happen to us. Hence it is important to take necessary precautions before anything serious happens.

Brand and warranty

Any brand which has maintained its good brand and reputation in the market is the most trusted one. They have achieved this because there must be something good about them. A good brand first ensures the satisfaction of its customers. They bring good products to the market, upgrade features frequently, provide good customer service, etc. Hence you should choose a good mixer grinder from a reputed brand with a good warranty. This will ensure that you get a quality product that will last and you will also have peace of mind that the warranty will protect you against any defects in the future. A good brand will definitely give you a 1-3 years warranty for the product.

Here is a list of some popular Indian brands that manufacture mixer grinders:

  1. Preethi
  2. Bajaj
  3. Philips
  4. Maharaja Whiteline
  5. Sujata
  6. Usha
  7. Havells
  8. Panasonic
  9. Kenstar
  10. Butterfly


I think the price is the first factor most of us choose when it comes to any product we want to buy. For some, the brand is important, and design is important, but most of people want to buy any mixer grinder at an affordable price.

While it is obvious to get tempted to pick the cheapest model, you should also remember that you get what you pay for. So I belong to that category where I believe it is better to invest in a mixer grinder that has a brand, warranty and includes all the features you need and is built to last rather than opting for a cheap model that may wear out sooner or not perform.

The best thing would be to first decide on your affordable budget and then think about the features you need, the size of the jar, design, noise level, and safety features. If a mixer grinder doesn’t fit within the budget, you can increase the budget a bit more to get what you want. This will help you narrow down your options and choose a good mixer grinder that is both affordable and of high quality.

Noise level

Being a housewife, I know how much of a hassle a mixer grinder is. In fact, my family members start shouting at me if I keep on turning the mill for too long. There are many products that look great in the early days, but once you start getting older, they start to look annoying. That’s why I always insist on buying good brands which try to keep the noise level as low as possible.

Hence you should consider the noise level of the mixer grinder, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen or in a situation where you want to use the mixer grinder while guests are at your home. Loud noises are very irritating and also harmful to your hearing ability. In fact, prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage.

It is important to choose a good mixer grinder with a low noise level, ideally less than 90-95 decibels. Moreover, if the mixer grinder has a low noise level, it can also help you in multitasking and make it more convenient for you to work on other tasks in the kitchen. The low noise level will not only make it more pleasant to use but will also help ensure a peaceful environment in your kitchen.

Mixer Grinder features

Today, mixer grinders have come up with many new and advanced features such as LED indicators, touch control speed settings, multiple jars and other safety features. So if you prefer to use newer features then you can definitely pay more and get ready to use a mixer grinder with more advanced features.

Compare prices and read reviews before making a final decision

This is the most important point because on the internet you will get a lot of options to choose from. So it all depends on you to compare the Kitchen products and then finalize the product as per your requirements and budget. Before making a final decision, it is important to compare prices and read reviews of different mixer grinders. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a good mixer grinder for your needs.

Also, choose which types of grinders you need

There are many different types of grinders in the market for different grinding tasks. Let me discuss the grinders in brief so that you can have an overview of each type and then decide which type is suitable for you as per your requirements.

Wet grinders

Wet grinders as the word “wet” in the name, are mixer grinders specially designed for grinding wet ingredients like batter for idli and dosa, chutney, and spice paste. These mixer grinders come with large drums that can hold a lot of batters and are equipped with powerful motors to handle tough grinding and mixing processes with ease. Usually, this type of grinder is used for preparing masala for a large number of people like at parties and banquets. So if you have a large family, or you are the family who often invites for any party at your home, then you should definitely go for a wet grinder.

Dry grinders

Dry grinders, on the other hand, are designed for grinding and mixing dry ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, and spices. These mixer grinders come with smaller jars and less powerful motors, as they do not need to handle wet ingredients.

Juicer mixer grinders

Juicer mixer grinders are mixer grinders that come with a juicer attachment. So this makes it possible for you to prepare fresh juices and smoothies. And obviously, you can grind and mix other ingredients as well. So if you are looking for a versatile kitchen product that can handle both grinding and juicing tasks, then a juicer mixer grinder is a perfect choice.

Handheld mixers

Handheld mixers, as the name suggests, are mixer grinders that you can hold in your hand and use to mix and grind ingredients. These mixer grinders are portable and suitable for easy handling. It is a great choice for small kitchens or for people who travel frequently. However, they are not as powerful as other types of mixer grinders, so they are best suited for simple tasks like whipping cream or mixing batter.

How do I use the mixer grinder at my home?

  • Grinding Spices: To make the masala, you can grind the ingredients in a mixer grinder and use a mixer grinder. You can make a lot of Indian spices at home. Here are some examples that I personally prepare using a mixer grinder.
    • Cumin seeds (jeera)
    • Coriander seeds (dhania)
    • Mustard seeds (rai)
    • Fennel seeds (saunf)
    • Cloves (laung)
    • Cinnamon (dalchini)
    • Cardamom (elaichi)
    • Bay leaves (tej patta)
    • Red chili powder (lal mirch)
    • Turmeric powder (haldi)
    • Cumin powder (jeera powder)
    • Coriander powder (dhania powder)
    • Garam masala
    • Sambhar masala
    • Rasam powder
    • Mango powder (amchur)
  • Making Chutneys: By using mixer grinders you can make all types of chutneys, dips and sauces easily.
    • Coconut chutney
    • Mint chutney
    • Coriander chutney
    • Tamarind chutney
    • Peanut chutney

Grinding Coffee: You can use a coffee maker to grind coffee beans to make coffee powder. If your mixer grinder is good then it can brew coffee continuously so you can save money on buying coffee powder packs from outside

Pureeing vegetables: You can puree vegetables to make soups, sauces, and purees. It is perfect when you want to prepare soups during cold or rainy seasons

Pureeing Foods for baby: Similarly, you can also puree foods for your infant baby

Grinding Nuts and Seeds: Mixer grinders can also be used to grind nuts and seeds for use in baking or to make nut butter.

Mixing Dough: You can make dough for bread, pizza, and other baked goods.

Mixing Batters: For batter for cakes, pancakes, and Idlis, you can use the mixer grinder too.

Making Pastes: Used to make pastes for marinades, curries, and other dishes.

Grinding Meat: You can grind meat for use in burgers, meatloaf, and other dishes.

Making smoothies: Mixer grinders are used to make smoothies too where you blend fruits and other ingredients together to make a smooth and tasty drink.

Note (slightly taken out of context): While mixer grinders are used for making smoothies, they are not as accurate as a blender. Mixer grinders come with a less powerful motor and sharper blades as compared to mixer grinders thus making it a bit difficult to make a smooth and consistent mixture.


I hope you have got a clear idea about the points you need to consider before buying a mixer grinder. I have tried to include all the factors that I personally use before making a buying decision. Keeping all these things in mind that we have mentioned in our post, you can make an informed decision and find the right mixer grinder for your kitchen.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which type of mixer grinder is best?

The best type of mixer grinder depends on your cooking habits and your personal needs. If you are looking to make wet dishes such as chutneys, pastes and doughs, a wet grinder is the best choice. If you need a mixer grinder for dry grinding such as for spices or coffee beans, a dry grinder would be more suitable. If you want a mixer grinder that can do both things, a juicer mixer grinder would be ideal.

How do I choose a good mixer?

We have mentioned everything in detail in our blog post. The things that matter the most are the price, brand, noise level, features, speed control, type of jar, blade, etc. Ultimately you should choose the one that matches your cooking preferences and budget, then compare all the possible available products in the same category, and take the final decision.

How much watt is good for a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder with a power of 500 to 750 watts is perfect for most home kitchens. However, if you need heavy grinding tasks, a mixer grinder with a power of 750 watts or more would be ideal.

Which brand mixer grinder is best for home?

Some of the best brands of mixer grinders for home use are Bajaj, Philips, Preethi, and Butterfly. It is important to choose a brand with a good reputation for reliability, durability, and customer support.

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